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(Optional extra)

For a one off payment of $8.00, you can hire one of our decorative cakes to sing happy Birthday and blow out the candles. Eg; Fairy cake or princess Elsa frozen cake, and for boys parties Wizard or super hero's.

An extra half hour on request is available for an extra charge of $100

Vegan or gluten menu available on request at an extra charge   

(Optional Gifts) $5.00 ea.

Example- Girls gifts: Bracelets, rings, glitter fairies etc.

Example - boy's gifts: Wands, dinosaurs, cars, pencils, key rings etc.

These are given out in the enchanted forest and it is explained that the gifts have been left there by the fairies as a special gift.

(Mobile fairy Parties, mermaid, princesses or princess Elsa)

Are also available please call Fairy Wings and Wishes for more information. Let our beautiful fairies come to you for a magical and enchanted birthday party at your own home or venue.


Located at shop 6 Niddrie arcade parties provide 1 and half hours of fun for 12 to 28 lucky children.

Book your party for a Saturday, Sunday, school holidays or after school!

Fairy Wings and Wishes make a wish with us.

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(Mobile parties)

Let one of our well trained and talented fairies come to you and entertain your party guests with face painting, music, bubble blowing and so much more!!!

(Costs may vary slightly with travel required)