Birthday Parties


Our parties are held over three beautifully decorated theme rooms by a trained and talented Fairy, Princess, Mermaid or wizard.

Starting in the magical castle room with lots of games, face painting and dancing.


Then the fun moves to the room in the clouds for a delicious feast, where the fairy will serve, frankfurts, party pies, sausage rolls, fairy bread, chips and cheezles with lemonade and water to drink.


Finishing off with a visit to the enchanted forest for storytelling, magical wishes and special wishing stones for all the children.


The party ends in the Magical Castle room where each child receives a mini cupcake to take home.


Our parties run from Saturday through to Sunday and during the week. Party times are as follows: 10am- 12pm- and 2pm.

The minimum  children is 12 and maximum is 26. 

Cost is $35 per child.

For all party bookings we require a $70 deposit paid on the day of booking, which is non refundable unless booking another party date.


Party themes for both girls and boys include; Princess Elsa or Ana  (frozen party) Fairy, princess, wizard, mermaid and disco mania. Celebrate with one of our professionally trained host.


(Optional extra)


For a one off payment of $8.00, you can hire one of our decorative cakes to sing happy Birthday and blow out the candles. Eg; Fairy cake or princess Elsa frozen cake, and for boys parties Wizard or super hero's.  


(Optional Gifts)


$4.50 ea.


Example- Girls gifts: Bracelets, rings, glitter fairies etc.


Example - boy?s gifts: Wands, dinosaurs, cars, pencils, key rings etc.


These are given out in the enchanted forest and it is explained that the gifts have been left there by the fairies as a special gift.


(Mobile fairyParties or Princess Elsa) are also available please call Fairy Wings and Wishes for more information. Let our beautiful fairies come to you for a magical and enchanted birthday party at your own home.